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No need to exercise hard for weight loss, SlimHydro helps you upgrade every glass of water to help you detoxify your body through a magnetic field and a unique decomposition of the water, allowing you to achieve a slimmer body in a healthy, natural way.

What Can SlimHydro Do?

Water makes up 70% of the human body's basic composition, with fats' synthesis and breakdown also reliant on ample water molecules.

SlimHydro uses natural electromagnetic field decomposition to turn water into hydrogen-rich water with weak magnetic hydrogen ion clusters, aiding in lymphatic system clearance, toxin elimination, and fat prevention.

Need SlimHydro? Check for these signs:

Excess fat, especially in the abdomen

Frequent hunger or weakness after exercise

Always feel fatigue, prefers to sit or lie down

The above symptoms often signal your body's warnings. Tested by over 10,000 people, SlimHydro has aided 87% of users with the following benefits:

Promote fat burning and reduce body fat percentage

Clear the lymphatic system and boost body immunity

Reduce visceral fat, lighten the load on your internal organs

Enhance blood circulation, alleviate fatigue and tiredness

How SlimHydro Achieves?

Tourmaline Electrolyzed Water - Dissolving Visceral Fat

SlimHydro uses exclusive natural minerals that have the ability to electrolyze and first break down water into a liquid rich in hydrogen ions. These hydrogen ions attract the substances needed for fat in the body, thus removing the fat shackles from your internal organs, taking the weight off your internal organs and restoring your overall health.

Magnetic Fields Therapy - Unclogging the Lymphatic System

Positively charged hydrogen ion clusters are attached to a weak magnetic field by a coaster with strong magnetic properties, which enters the body and activates the lymphatic system, stimulating lymphocytes to become more active, while also making the lymph fluid more effective in breaking down toxins and fat.

Source of Life - Elimination of Toxins

Water itself has a purifying function, and with an active lymphatic system and fat-breaking internal organs, toxins and fat will be eliminated from the body along with the water you drink.

What Happens In Body?

No Blocking Node

Lymph serves as the body's detoxification system, and if it is clogged it allows waste to build up in the body, which can cause not only obesity, but other serious illnesses as well. Consistently use SlimHydro to help you remove waste, decongest your body and restore your health.

No Localized Fat

SlimHydro provides an overall health support and is not designed to eliminate fat in one place. As your lymphatic system becomes more active and visceral fat is gradually eliminated, you will only get healthier and healthier, with excess, unhealthy fat being gradually eliminated in all areas of your body.

More Active Viscera

After the visceral fat is gradually dissolved under the action of hydrogen ions, your kidneys and liver will be more active; the biggest external manifestation is that you will urinate and sweat more frequently, which is a manifestation of your body's detoxification and fat elimination.

No Toxin Buildup

The toxins are flushed out of your body with your increased urine and sweat, and can provide you with overall weight loss and health benefits.

There is limited availability and this 70% DISCOUNT may be taken down at any moment!


The SlimHydro water coaster fits any cup except iron, which may affect the magnetic effect of the coaster.

The specification we provide is 50g, and the maximum amount of water that can be upgraded in the shortest period of time is 1L, if you want to purify more water at once, it may take more time.

SlimHydro works on any liquid that contains water, so you can use it again with coffee and juice, but considering they have extra calories, we suggest you still drink more water.

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Real Customers, Real Weight Loss

Just wanna show off my weight loss by using the SlimHydro coasters, I followed their recommendation of drinking at least three large glasses of water a day and nothing else. I am now certain that my visceral fat is eliminated, after all, if you look at my stomach now, the fat on it is completely gone, highly recommend this amazing water coaster!

Sonia Lara, 45

This transformation is unbelievable! My family and friends are all amazed. In just under three months, all I did was use this coaster, drink water non-stop every day, and I didn't have to do anything else. At the beginning, I tried to control my food intake, but after a week, I stopped dieting, and I'm still getting slimmer. It's fantastic, highly recommend it. You can even get a few more and place them in different spots to remind you to drink water.

Susan Ouma, 35

I bought four of these and I would say this definitely works. It upgrades any water, I don't exactly drink just water every day, I drink a little bit of coke and stuff, but I've still lost weight and highly recommend it.

Lauren Boyd, 49

Without further ado, look at the changes I've made, after drinking the water I used with SlimHydro, I can feel my sweat getting better and can feel your body detoxing. Just look at my tummy change, those fats are really much less, I will continue to use it!

Leslie Rollins, 32

It turns out that losing weight really can be so easy! After I used this water coaster, every day I drank more than their recommended amount of water and I literally felt like my body was cleansed. I could see a noticeable difference in two weeks, my stomach is much smaller, I swear I'm not on a diet, and I feel like I'm getting healthier! Wait for my feedback after 1 month!

Julie, 51

I was skeptical at first, but SlimHydro has exceeded my expectations. It's become a daily companion, reminding me to stay hydrated. I've seen my stomach shrink, and I'm feeling healthier overall. No extreme measures, just a simple coaster that works wonders. Highly recommend!

Garth Kilback, 37

SlimHydro isn't just about weight loss; it's about overall well-being. I've seen improvements in my digestion since using this coaster. No more bloating or discomfort after meals. It's a holistic solution for a healthier lifestyle.

Lucy G, 38

As a busy professional, I often neglect my water intake. SlimHydro has become my savior. It not only helps with weight management but also keeps my mind sharp. I've experienced improved focus and productivity, making it an essential part of my work routine.

Nikki Jansen, 34

Drinking water with the SlimHydro coaster is such a refreshing experience. The water tastes cleaner and smoother, almost like it's been purified. The biggest surprise was how quickly I lost weight and how quickly my fat disappeared as if it had evaporated.

Mark Brave, 47

I wanted to share my SlimHydro experience because it's been a pleasant surprise. I followed their advice to drink plenty of water, and the results speak for themselves. My body feels cleansed, and I've noticed my clothes fitting better. No more crash diets for me-this coaster is a game-changer!

Eduard, 40

I never thought drinking water could be such a delightful experience until I started using SlimHydro. The coaster gives the water a crisp and pure sensation, making each sip enjoyable. It's like treating myself to the best water every day.

Jam, 39

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